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Great Steve, I am one of those slow learners and here I am taking University level classes. Who would have thought???

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THIS..... This is great! I also think this applys to students that struggle with Executive Functioning Processes. Is this an article that I may share with my staff? (If not, no worries!) I think we can apply it on so many levels. I have been reading a book that addresses ADHD specifically but learning how to organize our Cognitive Plate and looking through other perspectives are skills that we desire deeply to equip all students with. :) I see you say it is public, but wanted to be sure y ou were ok with it being shared with a group of colleagues/institutionally.

On another note, I have had these very conversatoins with my own kids -- well, my non math lovers-- about how it is so much mroe than math classes- there are life skills they learn that are vital! :)

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Well said and as a former Math teacher, let’s throw Geometry in the ring as well. Critical thinking, problem solving and perseverance are the currency of a successful society.

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