One afternoon that continues to pay dividends
Part One: "There You Will See Him" book project
Would I be able to show such uncommon forgiveness and unexpected love? Would I be able to say the same kinds of things that came from his heart?
This part of the prayer is not all about me and its not about me getting what I want. It is about getting what we need to survive—in our lives, in our…
Before hitting the “post” button, I need to be sure that the words on the screen reflect the current condition of my heart, as best as I understand at…
There is beauty in a life well-lived; a life that is determined to end well, making its final season beautiful in its own right.
Walking together, showing the way, bringing in the harvest.
Part 8: It was Friday, and nobody knew what Sunday would bring.
Part Seven: The Son of God tears down the curtain
Part Three of "Two Years Ago Our World Changed"
The followers of The Way had to move beyond the borders of Judaism to be who they were called to be.
And because you are so much more than good, you teach people like me your ways; ways much better than my own and paths much more well lit than the dark…