Psalm 100

Enter into the presence of the LORD with Thanksgiving!

Psalm 100

Shout out praises and make joyful noise triumphantly to Yahweh, all the earth!

Worship and serve Yahweh, the LORD, with gladness and joy.

Enter the presence of the Eternally Existing One with joyful singing.

Acknowledge that the LORD is Elohim, our God.

It is our God who made us (we didn’t make ourselves) and we belong to our Creator,

We are the Yahweh’s people, sheep in the pasture of the Great Shepherd.

Enter into the gates of the Almighty with thanksgiving,

And into the courts of Elohim with praise.

Give thanks to Yahweh,

Praise the name of the LORD; bless the name of God.

For Yahweh is good.

The loyal love of our God endures forever,

The LORD is faithful through all generations.

(Paraphrase based on NET, NIV, CEB)