Let my thoughts and actions be full of spiritual fruit.
Let my words be full of grace, seasoned with salt.
Enter into the presence of the LORD with Thanksgiving!
Teach me...to listen to and obey Your Word more and more
There is beauty in a life well-lived; a life that is determined to end well, making its final season beautiful in its own right.
Teach me...to trust in you more and more.
And give me strength to truly forgive those who do the same to me.
When I am less than loving, less than peaceful, and less than truthful.
Our daughter recently spent the day helping a friend paint her living room. When we went out to the farm land south of town to say “hello,” the sun was…
Am I content to be a peddler of Christlike love in this world—nothing more, nothing less?
The grace of God is available to all, regardless of how wicked they may be.
Let's pause for a moment and pray our prayer again in silence...